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Roles of the Office  

The roles of the Office of the Controller and Auditor General are derived from the provisions of Article 112 of the Constitution of Zanzibar which stipulate that there shall be a Controller and Auditor General and whose duties are:-

  • To enhance accountability and transparency in the utilization of public resources by Government, which are appropriated by House of Representatives for the benefit of the people of Zanzibar.
  • To grant to Treasury credits on the Exchequer Account in accordance with the approved budget.
  • To satisfy him/herself that all funds so disbursed have been applied exclusively to the agreed purpose and
  • At least, once in every year to audit and report on the accounts of Zanzibar Government 

Core Values:

The Office of the Controller and Auditor General Zanzibar has adopted sex core values as follows:-

  1. Independence and Objectivity
    The OCAG is an agent of House of Representative that is independent of Government. OCAG reports will be independent and base on evidence collected in accordance with the requirements of the Audit A ct and based on International Auditing Standards and guidelines.  The OCAG will bring an unbiased, objective and fair approach to its work.

  2. Accountability and Transparency
    The OCAG will promote greater accountability and transparency in the use of public funds, and for the results achieve with these funds.

  3. Commitment to excellence
    The OCAG is committed to continuously improving its processes and practices and delivering products and services of the highest quality, in accordance with best professional practices and standards. The OCAG will share its experience with other relevant professional bodies and contribute to the advancement of legislative discipline.

  4. Respectful workplace
    The OCAG is committed to provide a working environment in which all are treated with dignity and respect and encouraged to realize their full career potential.  The OCAG will encourage open and hones communication to climate of trust and teamwork.  The OCAG values each employee’s talent and diversity; and will support learning and quality of life endeavors.

  5. Trust and Integrity
    The OCAG will sustain public confidence by ensuring that auditors conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, treating information with due confidentiality and generally acting in a manner that highest standards of professional conduct.

  6. Discipline Workforce
    The OCAG is a disciplined workforce that observes manager/subordinate principles, office policies and maintains high professional interpersonal skill.
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